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The Pine Ridge Association, Inc. The Pine Ridge Association, Inc.
Useful Information
As you are aware, Pine Ridge is contracted with Juda, Eskew & Associates, P.A. for monthly accounting services. Please follow the link below to their website for more information. Here you can register to pay your HOA dues online as well as view your account activity.
Before Painting a Home or roof, or re-roofing a home, visit the Coral Springs approved paint pallet and roof colors to choose a color that is in line with local ordinances. Keep in mind that both paint and roof colors must be approved by the Pine Ridge Association BEFORE The City of Coral Springs. Links to the Coral Springs color palettes can be found below.
Coral Springs Code
In most instances, but not all, Pine Ridge follows Coral Springs Code. For example, Pine Ridge does not allow any wood fencing, or any fence hight above 5 feet.  
The Coral Springs Department of Code Compliance has released a Circular which highlights General guidelines for residents of Coral Springs. This is a very informational booklet. Please click here to view it. For information regarding fences, please click here