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The Pine Ridge Association, Inc. The Pine Ridge Association, Inc.
Welcome to The Pine Ridge Homeowners Association, Inc.
~ Response to Notice of Intent to Apply for Receivership ~
Pine Ridge Community,
Please see below - the Association's response to the signs recently posted in our community. This letter will be mailed to every household in Pine Ridge on Monday, July 6, 2020.


~ Notice Regarding Facebook/Nextdoor Groups ~
Regarding community groups found on Facebook or Nextdoor:
Pine Ridge Association Inc. has only one official website - The association does not control or operate any accounts on Facebook, Nextdoor or any websites other than the official website listed above. Please note that views, opinions, materials, messages or any other printed, pictured and/or spoken materials and/or documents are not affiliated with The Pine Ridge Association, Inc. unless specifically shown or stated on the official website -
Dear Pine Ridge Homeowner:
Recently you may have seen groups online on Facebook or Nextdoor. While these online groups are welcome, it is important to note that they are not affiliated with the Association, Board of Directors or Management. They were started by member(s) of the community and are operated by member(s) of the community. Please keep this in mind. Unless it is posted on - any materials or meeting notices you may see can be disregarded. 
Thank you and stay well. 

~ Upcoming Events ~
Monthly Board Meeting
Thursday, August 13th, 7:00 PM at Fort Lauderdale Marriott Coral Springs Hotel - 11775 Heron Bay Blvd, Coral Springs, FL 33076
Please join the board for the Association's monthly bard meeting. All homeowners are encouraged to attend. Topics for discussion include landscaping, current financials, violations and other current events. 
Monthly Board Meeting
Thursday, September 10th, 7:00 PM at Fort Lauderdale Marriott Coral Springs Hotel - 11775 Heron Bay Blvd, Coral Springs, FL 33076
Please join the board for the Association's monthly bard meeting. All homeowners are encouraged to attend. Topics for discussion include landscaping, current financials, violations and other current events. 

~ News ~
State of the Community
Posted on Apr 13th, 2020
Dear Pine Ridge Neighbors,
            Your HOA Board of Directors wish you well and encourage you to follow all of the recommended guidelines to stay safe and healthy during these very difficult days.
            We are reaching out to you at this time to keep you up to date on selected developments affecting our community.  If you have been out these past several weeks you will have noticed that our Landscaping Service has continued to maintain and preserve our common areas as much as possible.   Even so, as individual homeowners we are sure you are aware of the extended period of minimum rainfall over the past month or so.   Another complication is that our common area sprinkler system utilizes water that is drawn from the several canals that run through our community.   Those canals have seen their water levels decline dramatically over this same period of time.  Since the irrigation system pumps, that draw water from the canals, are located at the bottom of these waterways when the water level is too low the pumps draw in silt and can be damaged when this occurs.
            This is what has happened during the past two weeks.  This time we were able to repair the damaged equipment at minimal cost. However, if the drought persists, and we continue to draw water from the canals some of the pumps could be damaged beyond repair. Replacement of each pump costs approximately $2000.  Thus, as a precautionary measure, your Board has made the decision to temporarily suspend the use of the irrigation system and routine watering of our common areas. As a result, depending on what rainfall we get, over the next several weeks you may begin to see some browning of the grassy areas and withering of the decorative plantings we have installed at select locations on our major streets.  Be assured, our maintenance staff are closely monitoring the water level of our canals and as soon as it is deemed prudent to do so we will begin watering once again. 
            We also want you to know that in compliance with the new protocols regarding social gatherings your Board has suspended its’ monthly public meetings of the Home Owners Association and will continue to do so until Public officials lift the recently imposed protocols.  Nevertheless, please keep in mind that all HOA rules and obligations remain in force.   Now that so many of us are at home and walking our dogs throughout the community, we implore you to be good neighbors, (as well as complying with City of Coral Springs Regulations) and pick up any animal waste your pet may leave behind.
            In closing, we thank you for being great neighbors and please keep in mind that even though these are difficult and challenging times we are all in this together. Your Association is doing what it can to preserve the character of Pine Ridge as well as maintaining the desirability of residing here.  Finally, as a reminder, semi-annual bills will be mailed out in June. Like each of you, our expenses continue notwithstanding the challenges of these unusual times.  Stay safe – be well!
The Pine Ridge HOA Board

~ AT&T Fiber Optic Upgrade ~
Over the next few months, AT&T will be performing infrastructure upgrades throughout the Pine Ridge community. They are upgrading their existing communication lines from copper to fiber optic. 
They will be digging and boring in swale, lawn and sidewalk areas as well as boring under driveways and sidewalks. 
Every homeowner should have received an informational door hanger prior to work beginning. All employees and contractors will be wearing name tags and branded clothing. 
The contractor performing the work in our area is Mastec. Their customer resolution center can be reached at (954) 446-0799. Email:

All Jobs have an ID number called reference number, 7EA59047N has been assigned to Pine Ridge.

It is very important to provide the reference number, 7EA59047N to the resolution center for better and faster attention.

~ Pine Ridge Fining Committee ~
The Pine Ridge fining committee is currently accepting applications to fill one open seat. This is a volunteer position which will meet once per month to discuss violations in the community and propose fines to the Board of Directors. To apply, contact Thomas Angelos at